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Stay Fresh


Plus Coconuts is a supplier of fresh, young, green Thai coconuts and has given such maintained focus and high ambition on these coconuts for their beautiful taste and health benefiting properties. Thai coconuts have attained much success in consumer markets in recent years with spreading interest from major city to major city. Our supply chain is functioning on an industrial scale shipping containers of products relative to the requirements of our esteemed clients.


Our goods are only sourced from the most luscious of farmlands and groves located within controlled areas that are supervised and aided by our teams. These productivity areas of farmland are within compatibility of EU, NOP international organic framework requirements and Global G.A.P. standard and can supply mass daily quantities harvested from sustainably maintained working environments.

The services we provide include around the clock correspondence and close attention to all the stages that occur within the logistical process of transporting fresh produce on a global scale. We strive to ensure our clients that Plus Coconuts has the best value in terms of product quality and hassle-free shipping to respective global locations. We aim to please in the long-term, our clients are thought of as partners; shared development and success are our main priorities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an inquiry, no matter how small the question, we will do our best to aid  in your understanding about this successful but still developing industry. We are always happy to arrange a quotation and write up a supply schedule for your consideration.


Our Personalised


Sourcing the sought-after fresh, young, green Thai coconut, with dedicated speed and focus on client satisfaction, our team are providing for retailers and manufacturers on an industrial scale. Our produce is available for shipping on a global scale with the option of working within the demanding Organic and Global G.A.P. framework of North America, Europe and Australia.


We aim to please in the long-term not just in the short-term. Our clients are thought of as partners; shared development and success is our main priority.


The services we provide include around the clock correspondence and attention to all the nuances that occur when using logistics to transport fresh produce on a global scale.

Our team

The Plus Coconuts team is a goal-orientated group of industry professionals with a keen understanding of the importance of good networking. Through this understanding, we are able to have moment-to-moment response communication, and as a result we are also aware of the best pricing in the logistical chain. Our main aim is to ensure our customers that we are the best value with focus on quality and worry-free shipments to respective global locations.


Our concern is not only with our customers, we also take care of our farms. We aim to ensure our customers that the pricing we provide has a positive effect on the individuals at farm level. Ethical business practices and respecting the responsibilities of sustainable farming is the future of Plus Coconuts and its clients.

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